Ductwork Installation And Fabrication

Sheet Metal / Installation

Our Sheet Metal Shop and crew are capable and of providing our customers with standard and special ducts, fittings, pans, transitions and much more. We specialize in change-out and installation of new equipment, duct systems....

Custom Sheet Metal Design and Fabrication

Custom Sheet Metal

Special requirements are not a problem. Our staff can layout, design and fabricate items or convert a customer's drawing or concept into reality. Signs, special tool boxes, channels, plates, brackets, doors, roof curbs, guards and shields are just a few of the items we have made for customers and associates. We have designed and built our own paint booth with filtered inlet and exhausted air for our own fabrication shop.

Industrial Duct Systems

Low, medium and high pressure, square or rectangular ducts and fittings are made in our shop. While we don't make round duct, we do have multiple sources that can make and ship an order in 24 hours. Round fittings can be made here when necessary. We are experienced in designing and building dust collection systems, exhaust systems, roof curbs, hoods and more...

Residential Duct Systems

We can adapt existing duct systems to new equipment or provide completely new ducts as needed.

Custom Sheet Metal Custom Sheet Metal
Our shops were built with versatility and production in mind.

Our new Lockformer Plasma Cutting Table is computerized with state-of-the-art hardware and software. Using CAD (computer aided drawing) tools, custom and standard sheet metal parts are cut with great speed and accuracy.

We also have all the necessary tools and machinery to layout, cut, bend, insulate, paint, assemble or weld metal projects as needed. Our people have the factory training and years of field experience required to convert challenges into finished products that fit, work and look good.

Sheet metal is cut and bent to order, and assembly is done either in-house or at the job, as needed.