We here at Premium Mechanical and Automation are excited to offer Small Footprint High Efficiency steam and hot water boiler equipment as an authorized representative of © 2003 Miura Boiler Co., Ltd.

Major Factors in Fuel Savings:

  • A High Efficiency Boiler
  • Small boiler surface to avoid radiation losses
  • The ability to stop the boiler when you don't need steam, and to quickly recover when you do need steam without damage to the boiler through thermal shock

In-Service Efficiency:

The resulting efficiency of a boiler when the total operation cycles are taken into account, such as day, night, weekend, high loads, low loads and standby loads. It is a comprehensive efficiency which is based on an operating model and is the "bottom line" efficiency, which should be used in any boiler comparison. It reflects how well a particular boiler design handles a particular operating model.

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Lochinvar is a major manufacturer and innovator of new products and technologies for heating water for both sanitary and space heating purposes. The Lochinvar product line is the most complete line in the industry, with products for any application imaginable - from 2 gallons to 10,000 gallons, in natural or LP gas, electric, steam, or solar and is recognized throughout the industry for its superior quality.

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